Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Puppy Love

As much as I hate flying with Simon, he sure loves being in Santa Barbara, especially with Zoe being there now and it means he gets to play with my brother's dog, Saturn.

Simon and Saturn never stop moving, they always have to see what the other one is up to and usually try to steal whatever it is the other is playing with. This is actually the best picture I have of the two of them (most of the pictures had no dogs in them at all because they kept running off to play or investigate some noise). I kind of love it actually.

When Saturn wasn't around Simon enjoyed some outdoor relaxing. We don't really have any outdoor space that he can hang out in and he LOVES being outside so having a yard was really fun for him (also awesome for me because it meant I didn't have to walk him at 7am).

We went to see Zoe as well, who chased the frisbee while Simon watched. I think he is still exhausted from playing with Saturn, he hasn't had this much play time in a while.

Between Zoe, Saturn, and Piper (Scott's dog) we're pretty sure that Simon is going to think he is only allowed to play with little, black dogs.

I also noticed one more thing while at home. Simon totally goes with my parent's furniture.

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