Sunday, December 14, 2008

Go Fly a Kite

Guess what I haven't done in years, well up until yesterday?

Ok so we finally got to the kite store while it was open (3rd time is a charm) and it was super windy yesterday so we went and flew a kite. It went really high.

And it even worked really low...

It is a viking ship in case you are wondering. After kite flying we got lost leaving because the road out of the park was closed so we had to take this windy back way through a sketchy neighborhood of multi-million dollar gated homes but don't worry... We made it out alive.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh THATS why it is stupid. I never knew.

I would like to state for the record that I do not want to get into some philosophical debate for or against abortion. What I want to do is share with you the dumbest paragraph I have read in a REALLY long time.

This was on a facebook discussion forum entitled, Abortion (stupid) and this was the opening discussion topic.

"Abortion,(if you think about it) is good and bad ( Mostly bad but...). For instance it is good if an innocent women is raped and doesn't want the baby of a crook. But it is bad because this is giving an unfair chance of life. Even if the baby the survives abortion, it don't have near as many rights as one that wasn't. So, because I am a strong Christian I am going against the law."

What? When I began reading it I was annoyed by the fact that apparently John Major believes that non-innocent women who are raped must keep their babies but that is merely opinion and I stated before that I wasn't posting this to start a debate on the issue. PLUS, I didn't what kind of idiot goldmine lay ahead.

Let's repeat one of the sentences because it bears repeating: "Even if the baby the survives abortion, it don't have near as many rights as one that wasn't." Not only does this genius think that fetuses (not babies yet) survive abortions but they somehow have fewer rights than ones that weren't aborted.

I think the part that really kills me is that there were 865 responses to this comment and after scanning the first hundred or so NO ONE tell this guy he is retarded if he thinks babies survive abortions AND have fewer rights that ones that aren't aborted. Seriously people, what is the internet coming to if no one tells you that you are stupid?

On top of that his grammar is atrocious.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am not prepared for this sort of thing.

So growing up in Santa Barbara there is something that remains constant: The Weather. You really know that it isn't going to change much and if it is going to change you usually have about two weeks notice. This is not so in Texas. In Texas (at least in my experience) no weather report is accurate more than like six hours in advance and even then you should really plan for anything. Case in point, yesterday.

At 11am I walked my dog wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops. I was hot. I contemplated turning on the AC in the house because it was warm and humid. I did use my AC while driving to school and it was very refreshing.

At 11pm, a mere 12 hours later, it was snowing. Yes, snowing.

Monday, December 8, 2008

It is all mine now!

Okay so on Friday one girl from my work ummm lets say was "laidoff" since that seems to be what she is telling people and one of my bosses moved to New Mexico. I know what you are thinking: "But what does this mean for you, Victoria??" Well let me tell you, it means that I now have a new flat panel widescreen monitor, new speakers, a new wireless keyboard and mouse, and a new electric stapler.

I wasn't going to take the wireless keyboard and mouse and the speakers just yet because the chick was supposed to come in and finish things up and I didn't want her to think that I was callously taking advantage of her circumstances but she hasn't been in yet today (it is almost 4pm) and as one friend pointed out; I already stole her job is she really going to care about a keyboard and mouse that she doesn't even own? We're going with no, she isn't going to care.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Cross Your Fingers! It would be really awesome to see how Rob Thomas would have closed the show, though I really like my ending.

Enrico Colantoni Updates fans on the possibility of a movie....