Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Over the Hedge

Have you guys seen Over the Hedge? It was ok. Not great, not hilarious, but not boring. EXCEPT for this one part, which I can watch over and over and over and over again. Just ask Michael.

"but I like the ___" may have worked itself into my general vocabulary and I get especially excited when I actually get to use cookie as the noun.

And what you don't know is that I just got so wrapped up in watching it again on youtube that I forgot to hit " publish post"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ok ok OK

So last night I finished Buffy. As I sat there on my couch watching the end of the final episode with tears rolling down my face I realized one thing: I was slightly more into it than I thought I was.

It is made out of Cupcakes!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do I Have a Problem?

Michael says, "Yes."

Series I have read in the past year and a half:
Jaz Parks (4 books) - Vampire CIA Assassination Team (meaning the Vampire is the CIA Assassin)
Twilight (3 books) - I think You know this one
Sookie Stackhouse (7 books?) - The book basis for HBO's True Blood about Vampires going mainstream due to a synthetic blood invention that allows them to not have to feed on humans.

Shows I have enjoyed in the past year and a half:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (on the last season now) - No, I never watched this show, yes I am a true Joss Whedon fan. I'm making up for it now.
Moonlight (I don't want to talk about it) - It wasn't just Logan that I loved.
True Blood (1 season so far) - See above

Movies I have seen in the past year and a half:
Let the Right One In - Creepy as HELL

Here is what I have determined about my Vampire Likes and Dislikes:
1. I like when they can go into sunlight. Sunlight can have an effect but not killing them instantly.
2. I want there to be some work that goes into creating Vampires. One bite and you're a vampire? No thank you.
3. I prefer modern-day Vampire tales.
4. I prefer that the Vampire keep their "souls." Basically I like the idea that a Vampire can be good, they aren't just all evil killing machines.
5. I like it when they aren't affected by garlic, holy water, and crosses. I realize they are the undead but you should have to put some effort into killing them.

Here is my problem with Buffy (ohmygod, did she just say she has a problem with Buffy??????). Buffy the Vampire Slayer has never met a vampire myth it wasn't madly in love with. EVERY SINGLE myth you can even imagine is held true in Buffy. Maybe I'm watching this show at the wrong time in my life, maybe I should have watched in high school because while I certainly like the show a lot, I'm not madly dying in love with it.

I miss Moonlight, True Blood is good for different reasons so it hasn't yet fulfilled my Moonlight longing.

Anyone have anything else Vampire related I should be reading/watching?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today I Fell Down

Like all the way, hands and knees, face almost hit the ground, type of "fell down." Luckily the only around to see it was Simon who just kind of lifted his head for a second then went back to sleep.

Note to self: after sitting cross legged in your chair for over an hour, give yourself a second when you stand up to allow blood flow back into your lower legs, THEN try to take a step.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I broke my brain. By "I" I of course mean "Calculus." So I get out of class last night, walk to my car and proceed to being driving home. I start driving to my old apartment. Luckily I caught myself just before I turned and was able to correct it. About half way to the correct apartment, I miss my turn, yeah this is going well. As I'm waiting to turn onto my street I reach into my school bag for my wallet because in my wallet is my keycard for opening the gate to our complex. It isn't there. I realize that I left it in my purse in my trunk, this really isn't a problem because I can just dial the code that calls my cell phone and open it like that. The problem is that when I realize that my purse is in my trunk my brain thinks the following, "Oh my god, I locked my keys in the trunk!" Here are the reasons why that makes me an idiot.

#1 - I am sitting in the car. That means I can open the trunk using the trunk release on the door if I need to.
#2 - I am sitting in the car. That means I somehow got into the locked car. I'm willing to bet, using my keys.
#3 - I am sitting in the car AND I just drove home. That means I somehow started the car. I'm willing to bet, using my keys.

I went to bed not long after I got in the house.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have 100 cents, I'm rich!

I just had to share this with you guys because I thought it was hilarious.

Maybe I think this is hilarious because Calculus is frying my brain and I would love more than anything to this level of math again.

I think my favorite part is:
Guy: Do you recognize there is a difference between one DOLLAR and one CENT?
Manager: Yes
Guy: Do you recognize there is a difference between half a DOLLAR and half a CENT?
Manager: Yes
Guy Do you recognize there is a difference between .002 DOLLARS and .002 CENTS?
Manager: No

Monday, February 2, 2009

Rock Band is so Educational

When actors also try to have musical careers it is supposed to be funny. See Keanu Reeves in Dogstar or Joey Lawrence doing pretty much anything. Imagine my surprise when Rock Band informed me that Jared Leto was the lead singer of a rock band. But like a real rock band, a legitimate, award-winning, recognizable songs, rock band. Not only is he the singer but he also plays guitar and writes most of their songs. I was blown away.

I'm guessing I didn't know this earlier because he hasn't done anything that I've remotely wanted to see since My So Called Life. I still feel like I should have known this.