Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Pretty Sure

she took this...

to get back at me for taking this...

Why I Like Castle

Besides the obvious of course.

I love Castle's writers for so many reasons. I love that the main character is a writer so the writers get to put their own pet peeves into the dialog and you get a running gag about the proper use of the word irony. I also love that they actually seem to be intelligent. So the past two episodes of Castle were a two parter in which Castle and Beckett were chasing a serial killer, since it was a serial killer the FBI shows up to profile and catch the guy. I've watched enough (too much) TV to know what happens next.

See when you watch a cop show and the FBI shows up what happens is the FBI is so caught up in rules and regulations that they can't get anything done and the cops have to go behind their backs to solve the case on their own. When you watch an FBI show then the locals are going to be too personally involved and go off all half cocked almost ruining the investigation which then has to be salvaged by the FBI. This is TV writing 101. This is not what happened. They got along. They worked together. They respected each other. They solved the case and caught the bad guy. Together.

Here is where it gets REALLY weird though. Beckett and the lead FBI agent were both women. They managed to show two strong, professional women who were good at their jobs working together and respecting each other. Does Beckett get kicked off the case for being too close to it all? Of course she does, what does she do about it? Well she goes home and gets a good night's sleep and then says it was the right decision to make because she was too close to the investigation and she would have done the same thing. (pardon my french but...) What. The. Fuck.

I can't tell you how nice it is to see two intelligent women getting along on TV. There was no bitchery or backstabbing, there was only communication and respect. I am a little annoyed that this is so surprising though. So thank you Castle writers, and to the rest of you, how about we show that it is possible for women to work together on something that doesn't involve bringing down another woman.

And just for good measure: My favorite Castle moment (no matter WHAT happens on Castle, this will always be the best scene).

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This one too

I forgot to post this picture too. For some reason my mom thought this card would be appropriate for me...

Happy Birthday to Me!

Saturday morning started like this...

And 15 minutes later looked like this...

The puppies helped with the stuff in the middle...

After presents Kailey and I went shopping! We hit Old Navy, The Container Store, Ross, and Borders. At Borders I decided to buy New Moon since I didn't get it for my birthday, the girl kindly asked if I needed a gift receipt and I had to admit that no, I did not because it was totally for me. Then Kailey wanted her own bag because she didn't want her book touching New Moon. Well I don't want your stupid book contaminating my horribly awesome movie! SO THERE!

Then I put on a dress, high heels, make-up and did my hair and went out to dinner. I had said I wanted steak or sushi so we went to Benihana and I got both. Deliciously both in my tummy.

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes, calls, texts, and facebook posts! Special thanks to Kailey for waking me with the smell of baking cinnamon rolls!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Don't See It

Kailey keeps insisting that I have some sort of thing for the color purple. Eh, I don't know...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Know What's Awesome?

When the day is bright and sunny and beautiful and then for about 2.5 minutes the clouds roll in, thunder rings through the air and it POURS down raining. Then it is over and the sun comes back out and everything is beautiful again.

You know what's NOT awesome?

When those 2.5 minutes coincide perfectly with your 2.5 minute walk from the bus to your apartment.

Especially when you decided to wear those adorable red suede flats and they get absolutely soaked through and then your feet end up looking like something out of a Tarantino flick*.

*For the record: this is all red dye that soaked through, not anything more nefarious.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Couples Date

LAST weekend (as in 9 days ago, not 2 days ago) Kailey and I ventured out of Austin to meet our married friends Jonathan and Mandy (up from San Antonio) in Fredericksburg, TX. Not only is this small Texas town absolutely adorable in its small-town charmingness but it is also the birthplace of Admiral Nimitz which goes a long way towards explaining why the National Museum of the Pacific War is in the middle of Texas or why you have to take Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway to get there. I remember driving through when I moved to Austin and I couldn't help but love it and I think that they should absolutely have it be the first thing you see when you enter Texas and not Mexico El Paso because that ain't pretty.

We had a delicious lunch where Kailey had a gourmet "hotdog" (it was in quotes on the menu, don't blame me) that was the size of our actual dogs. We did some browsing at the toy store and the candy store and the christmas store and we got some ice cream. All in all, a really fun little getaway.

Mandy & Jonathan looking adorable

Me & Kailey in another picture to add to our "Together Forever" album