Monday, March 8, 2010

Couples Date

LAST weekend (as in 9 days ago, not 2 days ago) Kailey and I ventured out of Austin to meet our married friends Jonathan and Mandy (up from San Antonio) in Fredericksburg, TX. Not only is this small Texas town absolutely adorable in its small-town charmingness but it is also the birthplace of Admiral Nimitz which goes a long way towards explaining why the National Museum of the Pacific War is in the middle of Texas or why you have to take Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway to get there. I remember driving through when I moved to Austin and I couldn't help but love it and I think that they should absolutely have it be the first thing you see when you enter Texas and not Mexico El Paso because that ain't pretty.

We had a delicious lunch where Kailey had a gourmet "hotdog" (it was in quotes on the menu, don't blame me) that was the size of our actual dogs. We did some browsing at the toy store and the candy store and the christmas store and we got some ice cream. All in all, a really fun little getaway.

Mandy & Jonathan looking adorable

Me & Kailey in another picture to add to our "Together Forever" album

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