Friday, December 28, 2007

In-Flight Entertainment

So my flight back to California wasn't quite as enlightening as my flight back to Texas a couple weeks ago when I got to listen to two people get to know eachother. Well more accurately I got to listen to a man spend the flight trying to get into a girl's too-short skirt and a girl spend the flight loving every minute of it.

The names have not been changed because these people are not innocent.

- 30-something Condo Builder Troy was in California to go to a Christmas party in Santa Barbara (dammit!) and loves movies. 21 year old Reality Show wannabe Catherine Le was in California to ... wait for it ... audition for a new reality show on MTV and loves movies.

- Troy likes to impress girls with stories about how he meets famous people in airports. Catherine loves famous people and is easily impressed.

- Troy got his degree in Radio/TV/Film. Catherine is getting her degree in Radio/TV/Film! Although claims she doesn't need the radio part because she is destined to be in front of the camera. Troy agrees.

- Troy is a Pieces. Catherine is a Scorpio. Catherine points out that Scorpio is the narcissistic sign. Troy points out that Scorpio is the sexy sign.

- Troy spent several months in Asia. Catherine is Vietnamese.

- Troy thinks that Vietnamese, Thai, & Chinese are all the same language. Catherine (thank god) knows they are all different but is pretty sure there is more than one dialect of Chinese.

- Troy likes Rum & Coke. Catherine likes Vodka. They both like to drink on airplanes.

They are MADE for eachother!!! They exchanged email addresses and promised to keep in touch. I wonder if Troy will happen across this blog while googling Catherine Le.....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Coincidental Center of the Universe

So I have this theory (okay Scott has this theory that I frequently pass off as my own) that Austin is the coincidental center of the universe. This isn't something that you can understand until you live here and realize it is TOTALLY true. The reason that YOU can't understand this is because (again, as Scott says) if you were to start keeping track of these things people would think you're crazy. Luckily most of you already think I'm crazy and the rest of you need to catch up I've decided to start the first recurring segment here on I Like My Middle Name called, coincidentally, The Coincidental Center of the Universe.

Today I ate at Chili's for the first time in well over a year. It isn't that I don't like Chili's, I just usually forget that it exists unless Carl is visiting Santa Barbara and we eat there because he thinks the waiters are hot. So anyway, ate at Chili's at the first time in a LONG time and today I get home and waiting in the mailbox is a gift certificate to Chili's from someone who loves me.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The End of the Semester

So finals are over and it seems like the semester went by really quickly. I'm feeling good about how it went, all in all it was a positive semester. I got A's in all my classes which feels really good since I was taking Trig & Chemistry this year for the first time since 2000. Mostly it feels good that I did well in the class that I am planning on making my major AND I really enjoyed it. I mean, can you imagine if I left my awesome job in California to move to Texas to go to school full time and told everyone about how I wanted to be a Chemist and then failed my first Chemistry class???? Awkward.

oh and fyi, I would never fill in my scantron like the one above. I always completely fill in the box.

Monday, December 10, 2007

10 Other things I did this Weekend

1. Made it through security wearing my belt immediately after a man was stopped for wearing his.
2. Made it through security with batteries in my purse immediately after a woman had her purse searched because they thought they saw batteries on the xray.
3. Paid $3.50 for an unfulfilling breakfast taco.
4. Read three books.
5. Saw Oprah's house. (okay saw her driveway, basketball court, tennis court, and caretaker's "cottage")
6. Saw Glen Phillip's house. (he drives a scion xb)
7. Almost met Glen Phillips.
8. Ate a cheeseburger from Chubbies.
9. Went to a Christmas Party and danced.
10. Comforted a friend after she had one too many glasses of wine and threw up in the corner of the club/restaurant.

YAY for New Family!!!

I just want to be the first to officially internet welcome Gretchen into our family.

For those of you who don't know, I spent the weekend in California to go to the wedding of my uncle Steve and my newest aunt, Gretchen. It was a really fun and simple wedding and the bride looked beautiful. Mostly it was just awesome to have it official, Steve and Gretchen have been dating for a long time and we all love Gretchen so much and have considered her a part of the family pretty much from the very beginning. Gretchen is so much a part of the family that I've been getting weird looks because I kept saying, "My aunt and uncle are getting married!"

Below is a video from the wedding that has my cousin singing (isn't he great??). Also, you should notice the beautiful flower crown that Gretchen is wearing because I made that :o)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas in Austin!!

Our fireplace is all set for Christmas! Sorry some of the pictures are so dark, it is hard to capture the true gloriousness of Christmas lights.

In answer to your next question..... Yes, our tree is purple and yes, those are the Chipmunks.