Monday, December 10, 2007

10 Other things I did this Weekend

1. Made it through security wearing my belt immediately after a man was stopped for wearing his.
2. Made it through security with batteries in my purse immediately after a woman had her purse searched because they thought they saw batteries on the xray.
3. Paid $3.50 for an unfulfilling breakfast taco.
4. Read three books.
5. Saw Oprah's house. (okay saw her driveway, basketball court, tennis court, and caretaker's "cottage")
6. Saw Glen Phillip's house. (he drives a scion xb)
7. Almost met Glen Phillips.
8. Ate a cheeseburger from Chubbies.
9. Went to a Christmas Party and danced.
10. Comforted a friend after she had one too many glasses of wine and threw up in the corner of the club/restaurant.


Renee said...


i swear if #10 was kailey i'm disowning you both right now!

Victoria said...

it was not Kailey :o). She was in Texas and I was in California this weekend. It was no one you know.

and renee, go back and read #5 and remember if you disown me who will show you where it is?