Friday, May 27, 2011

My First Laser Tag Experience

And I did not come in last. I was like 11th out of 14 people WHICH IS NOT LAST!

It reminded me of bumper cars in a way. I hate bumper cars. Let me clarify, I hate doing bumper cars with a bunch of people I don't know and I have never been in a situation where I was friends with all the other people in the other bumper cars. What is the point to bumping into a bunch of people you don't know? Seriously. Alliances can't be formed, smack talk doesn't happen, you can't yell at the person who just pinned you down in a corner (unless you're some kind of asshole). All you have is randomly bumping into someone and then awkward eye contact with a complete stranger. It's stupid. I guess some people enjoy that sort of thing but I am not one of them.

Luckily it was all going to be people I knew (well most of whom I met earlier that evening) but basically one big group of friends. That I can handle and thus, laser tag was fun. Sort of. Lets just say I enjoyed it but I'm not going to be organizing any parties any time soon.

Three random dudes showed up at right before we went in and joined our game. Apparently I never even encountered one of them in the "arena" since we never shot each other, either that or we are both terrible shots. One of them was a former Marine, Jason (the birthday boy) took it upon himself to "own" him. He was downright successful. Then he ran into Jason's dad (literally) and fell down. All in all, not exactly a commercial for the Marine Corps.

For the record I let the birthday boy beat me in laser tag because I had just schooled him in bowling earlier that evening (125-117). What second game? No there wasn't a second bowling game that I lost, I have no idea what you are talking about.

Josh was there too, I schooled him in bowling too.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What is the World Coming To?

The Pioneer Woman frequently gives away awesome things on her blog. I never win but I'm trying. Usually these giveaways consist of her asking a simple question like "what are you doing this weekend?" or "What's for dinner?" and then you answer in the comments and she chooses randomly from the comments. This week's question was "What is your favorite vegetable?" These were the top answers:

corn (8040)
asparagus (7411)
tomatoes (4861)
broccoli (4832)
potatoes (3333)
peppers (3284)
carrots (3080)
green beans (2855)
peas (2591)
squash (2392)
Brussels sprouts (2334)
zucchini (2293)
spinach (2014)
cucumbers (1782)
artichokes (1693)
onions (1561)
avocados (1502)
sweet potatoes (1276)
mushrooms (1169)
okra (971)

The NUMBER ONE chosen "vegetable" is not a vegetable. There are others on this list, tomatoes & avocados obviously, potatoes (arguable about if "tubers" are considered root vegetables many people do) but the one that really REALLY kills me is mushrooms. 1169 people picked mushrooms as their favorite vegetable. What is the world coming to?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For the Record

I vacuumed yesterday. Just fyi. No More cricket.

Learn Something New Every Day

Today I saw a Sara Lee delivery truck. Turns out the slogan is "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee" instead of the "Nobody does it like Sara Lee" that I always thought it was.

This reminds me of playing Rock Band and singing the lyrics to "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette. I always thought the line was "The cross eyed bear that you gave to me." But it's not. I blame this on being young when I first heard the song and not really being able to wrap my head around a cross bearing reference whereas a funny looking teddy bear? Now that made sense.

I also noticed (about a year ago) that the Sun Microsystems logo actually says SUN. It isn't just a bunch of squiggly lines.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

There is a dead cricket in my room

It is under a shoe. I didn't kill it with the shoe, it was already dead when I found it. I imagine Mozzie actually performed some sort of normal cat function in between licking my pillows and leaping over Simon's head repeatedly in an effort to elicit a game of chase. I just don't like picking up dead bugs, it really grosses me out, so I put a shoe on top of it until I decide to vacuum.

This presents more problems see we have a canister vacuum. I don't like canister vacuums. So the already moderate chance that I would vacuum in the near future is significantly lessened. I guess it will just have to stay under the shoe for a while longer.

The other problem is that the animals like to wrestle in the area of said shoe so sometimes it gets knocked out of position. During one such match the cricket lost a leg. I put a shoe over it. It wasn't even the pair to the first shoe. Now that is two pairs of shoes I can't wear until I vacuum. Good thing I have a lot of shoes.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's Up?

Yeah, it's been a while, I know. I'm having trouble writing up a single post about something so here is a quick rundown.

- I got "ma'am-ed" at the grocery store this weekend but then the guy asked if chicken broth was the same thing as cream of chicken soup. I'm not sure if the fact that he was easily in his mid to late 30's makes it more sad or more adorable that he had no idea what chicken broth was.

- Kailey left last week. This means that you are probably going to get more random blogging again because there isn't a person here when I get home to tell all the silly stories to. It also means I have these two knuckleheads and I am the only girl:

- I did my first craft fair on Saturday and I think it was a huge success so I'm definitely excited about doing more of them. I absolutely could not have done it without Josh's help. He carried lots of heavy things, helped me put up my tent, and took care of Simon all day while I was working.