Monday, February 21, 2011

I Have Awesome Friends

You should think about getting awesome friends.

Remember when I said I got new business cards? Well they look like this

I decided it was finally time to replace the banner and avatar I've been using on the selling sites because the ones I had were crap. Ok, maybe crap is a strong word but I did the banner myself in photoshop and my photoshop skills are kind of lacking so yeah, crap probably isn't too strong a word. So I sent a request over to Kristin and demanded awesome! I mean I demanded in a nice way (right Kristin?). Well it doesn't matter because she came through, just as I expected.

I'm madly in love with both but for some reason the little avatar makes me want to giggle with glee every time I look at it.

And all of this was perfect timing because I just made some new products, little change purses and I'm super excited about them too.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well, Monday was February 14th and we all know what that means!

Simon's Birthday!! Someone turned the big Zero Four!

I baked a cake. It was peanut butter and carrot and the dogs loved it. We also thought it was pretty tasty. It tasted like a peanut butter cookie except it was cake. So, I have a pretty healthy cake recipe if anyone needs it.

Simon about to enjoy his cake

Simon chasing his friend Cornelius Fudge

Zoe and Alfie taking a break to get some loves

Yeah, the pictures aren't great but if you think wrangling kids at a birthday party is hard you should try wrangling dogs at a birthday party. Also my phone was dying so I was trying to take as many as I could before it bit the dust.