Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's in a Name?

You all remember the not-so-nice leaves I found at the Asian Market? Well guess what I found out today.... Ever wonder what "Canola" Oil is? It is Rapeseed Oil. A (very intelligent) marketing person changed the name to raise sales. It worked.

Friday, April 24, 2009

There is a new blog out there called Texts From Last Night and it is pretty funny. Most of the texts are sex or alcohol related but one made water almost come out my nose (excuse the language) and I had to share.

(847): Rock
(630): Scissors
(630): Fuck

It Could Happen

Lately my dreams have been SUPER boring. Like so boring they seem like my life and during the day I keep "remembering" things I did only to later realize that I actually dreamed it.

Example: Today I couldn't figure out why I had emailed my cousin to tell her that I wanted to see her while I was in Vegas when I can't possibly afford to go to Vegas. Oh, turns out I just dreamed I emailed my cousin.

So basically stuff that seems weird like that I have just been writing off to must-have-dreamed-it. This was fine except a couple of weeks ago I was telling Michael about how I had this dream that he text messaged me about playing online poker only to have him tell me that that had indeed happened the previous night. I didn't believe him at first because: 1) he likes to mess with me and this was a perfectly easy way to do that. 2) he doesn't really text, like at all, so an unsolicited text message didn't seem like something that happened in reality. I checked. It totally happened. Now I don't know what is real or not. Maybe giant pink bunnies did try to steal my dog only to be thwarted by their inability to unlock the front door and make a clean getaway. Who knows?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apparently all my brain power has now gone towards getting exicted/nervous about UT because I had to fill out a form that asked how old I am and I wrote down 26. Then I was like wait let me do the math, 2009-1982= 27. Nope, I'm not 27. I'm 26. Crap, how old am I?

Me: How old am I?
Kritsin: You are 27.

Me (in my head): dammit.

I don't know which is worse: That I have no idea how old I am or that I 100% did not believe the math.


Yesterday I got this:

Congratulations! You have been admitted to your first-choice major in the College Of Natural Sciences ( Undeclared/Prepharmacy ) at UT Austin.

And I'm totally excited. I've paid my enrollment fee and signed up for orientation.

Friday, April 10, 2009

In Case You Are Wondering

This right here is a perfect example of why I want sons.

Lady GaGa

Ok, so I don't "get" Lady GaGa. I understand that she is a celebrity and stuff but I think she takes that about 400 steps farther than necessary. I first saw her I believe at the Miss Universe pageant and I assumed that she was one of those weird totally techno european artists. I understood why I didn't understand her at that point, Europe is weird when it comes to music (hello Germany and David Hasselhoff). Then I found out that she was a born and bred American and I was back to not getting her at all.

THEN, I read this in a Consumerist article about I-Tunes

We looked at "Poker Face," the new hit from Eurovision winner Lady GaGa*, on both stores.

* correction: we have been told that transsexual recording artist Lady GaGa has never competed in a Eurovision competition.**

And my first thought was, "OOOOHHH, she is a transsexual, ok, that makes TOTAL sense. I get her now."

Then I kept reading

**correction: it turns out Lady GaGa is not a transsexual.

dammit. back to square one.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Such is My Life

I'm not used to this. In our old apartment complex people got out of their cars and went into their apartments. They would then possibly walk to or from the laundry room, or walk their dog but there was no milling about in the parking lots. I mean with the exception of the two girls who would sit in their car smoking pot every night people didn't hang out outside of their apartments. Things are different here.

On sunday night I came out of my apartment to walk Simon, tripped, laughed at myself, told Simon that mommy was ok and then looked up to see a guy standing there talking on his cell phone. Last night I came out of my apartment to walk Simon while singing the "who's a puppy face song*" only to look up and see the same guy standing there talking on his cell phone.

and was there anything else that could possibly have happened this week? OH YES, there was the 8 year old kid chasing me through the parking lot with a pair of my underwear that fell out of my laundry basket. Lovely.

* This is both the title of the song and all the lyrics.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shameless Plugging

Sometimes I feel like it would be weird to plug myself on this blog but today I've decided to hell with that! This is my blog, I'll plug myself all I want.

I made some REALLY adorable new kitty toys a couple weeks ago and you can check them out in my online store! You can always get to my online store by clicking "bluebamboo" under Things That Make Me Happy on the right.

I'm also going to link to Gen & Alina's Etsy store because that will make me feel like a better person.

Now if my readership was over like 10 people (2 of them being Gen & Alina) all this store linking might actually do some good!

My Organic Chem Lab has been interesting this year. I don't mean in a "wow, that chemistry is exciting and innovative, tell me more!" type of way. I mean in a none of my group's experiments have had the intended outcome of the lab type of way. Imagine my (not) surprise when we synthesized banana oil this week and while refluxing (sounds exciting but really means watching liquid boil for an hour) our liquid stayed clear and everyone else's turned pink - except for the group next to us, theirs turned black which seems even worse than just staying clear. BUT when it began to cool, ours turned dark yellow and smelled like bananas WAY before anyone else's did (they had to purify theirs before getting yellow) so YEAH! ours was right and yours was wrong! where's your mocking smile now? thbbb! EAT THAT! (ok don't really eat it, I doubt it is actually safe to eat, I don't know if we got all the Sulfuric acid out of it).