Friday, April 24, 2009

It Could Happen

Lately my dreams have been SUPER boring. Like so boring they seem like my life and during the day I keep "remembering" things I did only to later realize that I actually dreamed it.

Example: Today I couldn't figure out why I had emailed my cousin to tell her that I wanted to see her while I was in Vegas when I can't possibly afford to go to Vegas. Oh, turns out I just dreamed I emailed my cousin.

So basically stuff that seems weird like that I have just been writing off to must-have-dreamed-it. This was fine except a couple of weeks ago I was telling Michael about how I had this dream that he text messaged me about playing online poker only to have him tell me that that had indeed happened the previous night. I didn't believe him at first because: 1) he likes to mess with me and this was a perfectly easy way to do that. 2) he doesn't really text, like at all, so an unsolicited text message didn't seem like something that happened in reality. I checked. It totally happened. Now I don't know what is real or not. Maybe giant pink bunnies did try to steal my dog only to be thwarted by their inability to unlock the front door and make a clean getaway. Who knows?

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