Friday, April 10, 2009

Lady GaGa

Ok, so I don't "get" Lady GaGa. I understand that she is a celebrity and stuff but I think she takes that about 400 steps farther than necessary. I first saw her I believe at the Miss Universe pageant and I assumed that she was one of those weird totally techno european artists. I understood why I didn't understand her at that point, Europe is weird when it comes to music (hello Germany and David Hasselhoff). Then I found out that she was a born and bred American and I was back to not getting her at all.

THEN, I read this in a Consumerist article about I-Tunes

We looked at "Poker Face," the new hit from Eurovision winner Lady GaGa*, on both stores.

* correction: we have been told that transsexual recording artist Lady GaGa has never competed in a Eurovision competition.**

And my first thought was, "OOOOHHH, she is a transsexual, ok, that makes TOTAL sense. I get her now."

Then I kept reading

**correction: it turns out Lady GaGa is not a transsexual.

dammit. back to square one.

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Kristin said...

hahahaha! As I was reading this, I thought the same thing...that being a transsexual made the whole thing make sense..and then, oh, she's not. She is pretty weird, but I must admit that I like a few of her songs.