Sunday, September 25, 2011

The backpack saga, why does this always happen to me?

So I wanted a racket backpack for the days of the week I have my tennis class. I wanted it for multiple reasons, none of which are important to this story except to understand that I wanted a backpack not a bag.

So I search online and I don't find anything that I particularly like so today I ventured out to three stores to find what I was looking for. I learned a lesson today. All racket bags are ohmygod ugly but the designers of racket backpacks deserve a special level of hell.

Allow me to illustrate how ugly they are by showing you the one I did buy. Meaning this is the LEAST ugly one I saw so really you can only imagine what else is out there.

Yeah. I think you understand me now.

So I'm at store number two today and the guy comes up to see if I need any help, I explain that I'm looking for a racket backpack that isn't ugly. He agrees that none of the racket bags are all that attractive since they have huge logos and brand names plastered all over them. So then he kind of sheepishly says, "Well we have this line of fashion racket backpacks too." And points around the corner. I get my hopes a little bit up, walk around the corner, and see this:

I mean... What. The. Fuck.

Yes, you are looking at shiny, purple, fake crocodile. And yes, behind it you are seeing a red version, and beside it you are seeing a blue version and a yellow version. Even the black in the back couldn't come close to saving it.

The look on my face must have said it all because the sales guy said, "yeah, they aren't really any better." Better??? Aren't any better??? I think we can safely say these are so much worse the fact that they exist makes me fear for humanity.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bedside Manner?

So I'm at the vet with Mozzie (annual checkup and rabies shot, nothing wrong) and the vet tech is trying to get his attention. Mozzie is completely ignoring him* as he does. So the vet tech asks, "Is he deaf?" I explained that we (the vet's office thinks Kailey and I are a couple) had originally thought that because he never reacted to loud noises but that he and I had "conversations" so I thought he could hear*. So he says, "Ok, white cats sometime have neurological problems and can show up as blindness or deafness." Then he walks out of the room.

Ummm. That's how you want to end this conversation? Say my cat might be crazy and then leave**?

*Ok, I think he actually might be kind of hard of hearing but I don't think he is completely deaf.

**I'm fairly sure he was just explaining why he was asking the question, not trying to freak me out. And yes, I know these problems run in all white animals of most species.