Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Organic Chem Lab has been interesting this year. I don't mean in a "wow, that chemistry is exciting and innovative, tell me more!" type of way. I mean in a none of my group's experiments have had the intended outcome of the lab type of way. Imagine my (not) surprise when we synthesized banana oil this week and while refluxing (sounds exciting but really means watching liquid boil for an hour) our liquid stayed clear and everyone else's turned pink - except for the group next to us, theirs turned black which seems even worse than just staying clear. BUT when it began to cool, ours turned dark yellow and smelled like bananas WAY before anyone else's did (they had to purify theirs before getting yellow) so YEAH! ours was right and yours was wrong! where's your mocking smile now? thbbb! EAT THAT! (ok don't really eat it, I doubt it is actually safe to eat, I don't know if we got all the Sulfuric acid out of it).

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