Friday, December 28, 2007

In-Flight Entertainment

So my flight back to California wasn't quite as enlightening as my flight back to Texas a couple weeks ago when I got to listen to two people get to know eachother. Well more accurately I got to listen to a man spend the flight trying to get into a girl's too-short skirt and a girl spend the flight loving every minute of it.

The names have not been changed because these people are not innocent.

- 30-something Condo Builder Troy was in California to go to a Christmas party in Santa Barbara (dammit!) and loves movies. 21 year old Reality Show wannabe Catherine Le was in California to ... wait for it ... audition for a new reality show on MTV and loves movies.

- Troy likes to impress girls with stories about how he meets famous people in airports. Catherine loves famous people and is easily impressed.

- Troy got his degree in Radio/TV/Film. Catherine is getting her degree in Radio/TV/Film! Although claims she doesn't need the radio part because she is destined to be in front of the camera. Troy agrees.

- Troy is a Pieces. Catherine is a Scorpio. Catherine points out that Scorpio is the narcissistic sign. Troy points out that Scorpio is the sexy sign.

- Troy spent several months in Asia. Catherine is Vietnamese.

- Troy thinks that Vietnamese, Thai, & Chinese are all the same language. Catherine (thank god) knows they are all different but is pretty sure there is more than one dialect of Chinese.

- Troy likes Rum & Coke. Catherine likes Vodka. They both like to drink on airplanes.

They are MADE for eachother!!! They exchanged email addresses and promised to keep in touch. I wonder if Troy will happen across this blog while googling Catherine Le.....

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