Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Home for Christmas

It was so nice being able to go home for a couple weeks for Christmas and see the family and my friends there. Getting there was kind of tough because I stood in line for over two hours waiting to check-in and my flight left before I could even check-in for it. And actually returning was a tiny hassle when they couldn’t find my reservation, stupid American Airlines. Upside though, I almost have enough frequent flyer miles to fly home for free!! Yay!!

In a sort of good news/bad news situation my grandmother fell and broke her shoulder and knee a couple weeks before Christmas (actually a couple days before my uncle’s wedding) so she is pretty immobile and needs someone to be there to bring here meals and fetch things from downstairs. Obviously, that is the bad news, the good news is that I was the one on duty for a few days and I actually got to spend a lot more time with my grandmother than I probably would have if this didn’t happen so silver lining there.

Christmas was fun, my family still gets up early and opens presents at like 7/8am and for reference the youngest is 18 so yeah we are “young at heart” and we like Christmas.

Pictures to Follow!

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