Sunday, January 27, 2008

Logan v. Duncan

So the writers' strike sucks. Anything that prevents me from getting new episodes of The Office and How I Met Your Mother and the too numerous to count other shows that I watch sucks. Sucks like a lot. BUT rather than be depressed about it I've decided to look for a silver lining. I've watched early episodes of shows that I came into in seasons 3 or 4, and most importantly I've been watching shows that I never got a chance to watch when they were on in the first place which brings us to ....... Veronica Mars.

Kailey and I have been watching Veronica Mars and I revel in its awesomeness, if you haven't seen it go rent the dvds, you will not be disappointed, I mean what else are you watching??? exactly!

I refuse to give anything away for those who haven't watched it yet - and we are only on Season Two Episode Two so don't you DARE give anything away from the remainder of the show - but I have to say this: in the debate of Logan v. Duncan, I'm with Logan. There I said it! I put it out there on the internet for all to behold! I prefer Logan Echolls over Duncan Kane!


janelle said...

HA! I am so pumped you guys are

1. watching veronica mars


2. totally addicted to it.

I 100% I cast my vote with Logan as well. Nice work, ladies.

Kristin said...

i agree that the writers' strike sucks...especially because no new episodes of the office! at least lost will be starting this week. :)

Renee said...

fraking i heart logan. he IS the love of my life.