Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do I Have a Problem?

Michael says, "Yes."

Series I have read in the past year and a half:
Jaz Parks (4 books) - Vampire CIA Assassination Team (meaning the Vampire is the CIA Assassin)
Twilight (3 books) - I think You know this one
Sookie Stackhouse (7 books?) - The book basis for HBO's True Blood about Vampires going mainstream due to a synthetic blood invention that allows them to not have to feed on humans.

Shows I have enjoyed in the past year and a half:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (on the last season now) - No, I never watched this show, yes I am a true Joss Whedon fan. I'm making up for it now.
Moonlight (I don't want to talk about it) - It wasn't just Logan that I loved.
True Blood (1 season so far) - See above

Movies I have seen in the past year and a half:
Let the Right One In - Creepy as HELL

Here is what I have determined about my Vampire Likes and Dislikes:
1. I like when they can go into sunlight. Sunlight can have an effect but not killing them instantly.
2. I want there to be some work that goes into creating Vampires. One bite and you're a vampire? No thank you.
3. I prefer modern-day Vampire tales.
4. I prefer that the Vampire keep their "souls." Basically I like the idea that a Vampire can be good, they aren't just all evil killing machines.
5. I like it when they aren't affected by garlic, holy water, and crosses. I realize they are the undead but you should have to put some effort into killing them.

Here is my problem with Buffy (ohmygod, did she just say she has a problem with Buffy??????). Buffy the Vampire Slayer has never met a vampire myth it wasn't madly in love with. EVERY SINGLE myth you can even imagine is held true in Buffy. Maybe I'm watching this show at the wrong time in my life, maybe I should have watched in high school because while I certainly like the show a lot, I'm not madly dying in love with it.

I miss Moonlight, True Blood is good for different reasons so it hasn't yet fulfilled my Moonlight longing.

Anyone have anything else Vampire related I should be reading/watching?


Genevieve said...

i agree with most of your likes and dislikes (tho most of them are basically--i would like everything to be like it is in moonlight lol. which fyi we've started watching). And yes, high school was definitely the time to watch Buffy, tho it does still have a special place in my heart :) But the fact that for a lot of the seasons, buffy was actually IN high school and reacted as such i think makes you appreciate it more when you are of a similar mindset life state.

And i think i liked it BECAUSE it adhered to so many of the traditional myths. Like i said, i agree with your comments about liking it when they can go out in sunlight, etc....but there's something to be said for keeping those old traditions alive.....or undead as the case may be.....:) hahahahaha

Alina said...
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