Sunday, April 20, 2008

Veronica Mars Wrap-Up

So. It is done. Over. Finito. No more Veronica Mars. Kailey and I finished watching the show last week and I gotta tell you that I am a little miffed with you. By "you", I mean all of our friends who watched the show and decided NOT to tell us there is no conclusion!!! That the show just ends, stops, ceases to conclude! More thoughts at the end of this post...

In other sad and slightly related news, Rob Thomas has backed out of the new 90210 project. Apparently he is too busy, which would be fine if we actually got to see any of the fruits of this busy-ness!!! I'll probably still give it a chance because you never know, but yesterday someone (okay a cute boy) told me that I have excellent taste in television and now I have to live up to that, so if it sucks it is CUT.

Yes, there is Moonlight so you haven't heard the end from me about Logan but just in case...

(STOP READING NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN VERONICA MARS - Kristin this means you, go watch it and then come back and finish reading this)

Okay, back to VM. grr, argh! What the hell??? Sorry just had to get that out of my system. Now, here is my conclusion to the show...

- Veronica and Piz - so over (sorry Piz, but you'll follow your true calling of becoming a midwife and go to work in a Private Practice clinic). Logan dumps that tramp Parker. And, of course, Logan and Veronica back together again in an awesome kiss that sums up their feelings for each other (see the season 2 finale hallway kiss, and season 1's first LV kiss).
- Vinnie is elected sheriff, Keith proves that Vinnie was in league with the Fitzpatricks, Vinnie is ousted. Keith is offered the job again but turns it down, instead recommending Dept. Sacks to the position. Sheriff Sacks and PI Mars frequently team up to solve crime and Balboa County is rated the "Safest County in the United States."
- Leo finds a nice girl [Roommate note: named Kailey] who doesn't use him for the keys to the evidence locker.
- Wallace gets signed to play basketball for a New York team where he and Jackie get back together. After a year he decides he doesn't really want to play, takes the money he has earned so far, donates it to "Invisible Children", and returns to Southern California with Jackie and kid in tow to live/work as a Mechanical Engineer.
- Weevil saves up and opens his own Auto Body Shop, specializing in high-end custom work. Eventually becomes the star of his own incredibly successful television show a la Pimp My Ride.
- Dick Sr. serves his jail time and while there he and Dick Jr. become close. Once out they form the Casablancas Foundation and donate millions to helping at-risk teens.
- Mac makes millions on the internet, buys Kane Software, and eventually surpasses Microsoft as the world's leading software provider. Employees are often quoted as saying that "Mac is the greatest boss in the world."
- Jake and Celeste Kane take the money from the sale and reunite with Duncan and the baby. Turns out they are pretty awesome grandparents.

And they all lived happily ever after.


Kristin said...

Hahaha. I stopped reading where you said to...but, of course, only after I read where you specifically directed it to me. :) I need to find some time to sit down and watch it!

Renee said...

that's a PERFECT ending. thank you for helping me finally close the book on VM.