Monday, April 21, 2008

What Would You Do?

I hereby present two scenarios and two possible solutions to them. Which would you choose? Warning, there is a right and wrong answer to this.

You need a photocopy of a check currently in your hand. You are standing in the conference room.

Option A:
You walk past the copier to your office, find a stickie note, write on the note “Please Make a Copy,” walk out of your office, past the copier, put the check with stickie note into the In-Box of the Office Manager, walk past the copier and back into your office.

Option B:
You walk over to the copier and make the freaking copy yourself.

You need a bid archived (this means, it needs to be removed from one folder marked “Active” and placed in the folder behind it marked “Archive”), AND you need another bid pulled so you can look at it. The bids are in the practically empty top drawer of the filing cabinet directly outside your office. No bending over or even actual searching required to locate what you need.

Option A:
You pull out your note pad, write a note, “(1) Please remove Ken Jackson bid from working file and archive it. (2) Please pull the Chiro Lifestyles bid for me to look over,” you walk out of your office, past the filing cabinet, over to the desk of the Office Manager, place the note in the In-Box, walk back past the filing cabinet and into your office. 10 minutes later, walk out of your office, past the filing cabinet, over to the Office Manager, ask if she has pulled the file you need yet, receive a “umm, I can pull that in about 5 minutes” answer, walk past the filing cabinet and return to your office.

Option B:
Walk out of your office, open the filing cabinet, pull out what you need, walk back into your office.


Renee said...

hmmm, that's a tough one. but i think i pick the walking passed things options. only because i've stopped all activity that even resembles working out including walking up and down stairs. so, all things considered it's a better option for me and beneficial to my health.

geesh vicki did you even consider your bosses health?? you're so selfish, she's just trying to stay alive and you're concerned with efficient time use. i'm so disappointed in you.

Victoria said...

I am incredibly selfish. I did not consider the health benefits to Option A. Thank you Renee for setting me along the right path.

Kailey said...

you just better hope your boss doesn't read your blog

Alina said...

Clearly the correct options are A. Option B is just bad management. That is not how you make it to the top.