Thursday, June 4, 2009

Close Call

I almost had a heart attack while driving to work this morning. So I'm listening to the radio and they start talking about some local news items that are popping up and one story goes like this.

Girl: Does anyone here actually take out books from the library?
(Me to myself: I do all the time)
Guys: No, no, no, sometimes my wife takes my daughter.
Girl: Ok so there is a story about a local woman in her twenties that now has a warrant out for her arrest because she didn't return a library book and the fees got so much that the city wants to arrest her.
(Me to myself: hmm, I have like $2.00 in fees that I haven't paid, I should get on that apparently)
Guys: wow, she can't just buy a new copy of the book or something?
Girl: Apparently the judge said it has gone on too far and issued the warrant. Yeah, her name is Victoria Ro ummm hang on, Victoria Roberts.

Seriously in that "hang on" moment I was FREAKING OUT.

Here is the story if anyone is interested. TUrns out she is actually in Killeen which is a little north of here.

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Kristin said...

Hahaha! You better pay that HUGE $2.00 fee or next time it really will be your name you hear on the radio. ;)