Friday, June 12, 2009

No, that it Karma

So I regularly read the FMyLife blog. It used to be funny, now it seems to be filled with people who don't understand what Karma is.

Too many of the posts seems to follow this pattern:

Today, I was walking/driving along and thought I'd do something totally rude/mean/completely uncalled for because I thought it might amuse me then it somehow backfired on me. FML

Today, I was at the park when I saw a homeless man sleeping on a bench. I thought it would be funny to throw a small rock at him. He thought it would be funny to pull out his knife and chase me for six blocks. FML
Nope, not FYL, you totally deserved to be chased with a knife.

Today, I was at the mall with my mom. She was pissing me off, so I started screaming at her and causing a scene. I ended up falling all the way down the up escalator. Everyone saw and people clapped. FML
I would have clapped too. So would most of the people I know. That is why I'm friends with them and not you.

Today, I had just gotten a milkshake with some friends. We were about to drive past my Ex's house, so I though it would be funny to throw the milkshake in his yard. Turns out if your going 50mph and try to throw a shake out the window, it comes all back in. FML
Wondering what the definition of Karma is? Right there baby.

Today, I had a date with this guy. I waited at the restaurant for an hour and he didn't show. Thinking he stood me up, I went over to his place and keyed his car. Then I realized the date was for tomorrow. FML
How that one should go: Today, I was thinking about a date that I had planned and getting really excited about it because I was really into her. I went outside and she had keyed my car because I didn't show up. The date is scheduled for tomorrow. FML

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