Friday, June 19, 2009

Birthday Cupcakes

Last week was Michael's birthday and armed with any excuse to bake I made cupcakes. Upon asking Michael what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and receiving the ever helpful answer of, "the awesome kind" I decided to go with my personal favorite: chocolate with chocolate frosting.

(that isn't all of them, that is just the only ones that would fit in that particular container)

Upon looking at them you might say to yourself, "hmm some of those cupcakes have pieces of fruit on them, perhaps a raspberry or a pineapple?" and well you'd be correct! In an effort to make them at least partially awesome, I decided to add fruit but not just to the top... nooooo...

What you are looking at is fruit filling inside a cupcake. I KNOW it IS amazing. Per Michael they were also quite delicious. I don't really like fruit invading my chocolate so I was pretty indifferent about my bite, also that is why I made some without the filling (that and I wasn't sure the filling thing was going to work out). There are no pictures of the pineapple filled ones because those pictures were not attractive, the yellow did not look appetizing on camera despite their taste.

And yes, for those with astute eyes, those ARE Transformers cupcake wrappers.

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