Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Met Myself Today

And I’m a little creeped out by it.

Whose life does this sound like?
Graduated High School in 2000.
Did some college, focusing in History.
Went to work in business and had a good career at a really great company but decided that she didn’t really want to do that for the rest of her life.
Decided to go back to school to get a science related degree.
Moved to Austin because she couldn’t afford to pay rent and work part time while going to school (from DC).
Has a boyfriend getting his Ph.D in computer science.

Um yeah, on top of that. She is the girl who got the other 70% on our last test. Something happened in class today (we were lab partners) and I had a really sarcastic comment about it but I held back because I didn’t really know this girl but then she proceeds to make almost the exact comment. We went to the café to get a drink between lab and class and we have the exact same wallet (Target of course). Oh yeah, and her name is Valerie.

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janelle said...

that is hilarious! i want to meet my other me now, too...but i would probably be creeped out too.