Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SYTYCD - Week 6

Yeah, I skipped a week but all I can remember from that week is Katee & Joshua's Bollywood routine which was loads of fun, go look it up on youtube if you are interested. Also, Comfort was kicked off (finally yay!) but Jessica dropped out due to "injury" (three broken ribs? please girl, take an aspirin and get back out there) and now Comfort is back so week 5 was kind of a wash.

Week 6 though, as far as performances go there was only one. You know how sometimes everything comes together and luck is absolutely 100% on your side? Yeah that is what happened last week when Katee pulled Will's name out of the hat - I believe I remember begging for this - and then Will pulled Pas de Deux out of the hat, and then the Pas de Deux is choreographed by the greatest modern ballet dancer of our (all?) time.

It. Was. Beautiful.

Yeah they messed up at one little part but as Nigel said, if they had danced it perfectly where could they possibly go from there?

What did I hate about it? Try the HORRID musical composition, what was that crap pause in the middle? Talk about disrupting flow.

Seriously America? You are kicking off Kherington and not Comfort? I know she got a little bitchy backstage last week but I can understand her frustration, the jazz routine was good stuff (although it should have ended with fuetes in unison with Mark like how the dance to the same song ends in Center Stage). I'm not so much sad that Kherington is gone as I am mad that Comfort is still there.

Gev is gone. You thought I'd be happy huh? I was actually a little bit sad, Gev's solos are actually pretty awesome and quite frankly I was emotionally prepared to see Mark go home. I am glad that Mark is still in it though, I like his quirkiness.

My Dream Top 4:
Joshua & Will
Katee & Chelsie

I think Chelsie is the dark horse. I always forget about her - I just had to pause for a minute to remember her name - but I always really enjoy her routines and in fact I can't remember a time that I didn't like her.

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