Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Trip Home

It was so nice to go home for a week even though I missed my puppy and my (ahem) boyfriend - shut up - it was really awesome to see my family and friends while I was there.

I got a sunburn on my first day there because it was actually cool enough to sit outside long enough to get a sunburn. By cool I mean low 80's so everyone who lives in SB was complaining about the heat but I was thoroughly enjoying not getting heat stroke by stepping outside.

I went to Kinko's with my mom and I got to teach her how to make double sided copies, you are never to old to learn something new. We got to have this conversation too:
Mom: "so it copies both sides and prints on both sides?"
Me: "yep."
Mom: "does it collate the copies?"
Me: "we are only making one copy, it doesn't need to collate." [It was a multi-page document though]
Mom: [pulls out finished copy] "yea huh! see it didn't collate them, this is the back page!"
Me: [takes the stack of paper, turns it over] "now it is the front page."
Then she walked into a wall while we were heading back to the car.
Ahhh family.

I got to ride around in my mom's new car - sorry bmw - I forget that we aren't allowed to refer to it simply as a 'car'.

I went to the zoo!
Gen & I as caged animals...

and my name was on the wall!!!

And the whole reason that I went to SB on this particular weekend and skipped school was for Kristin's Baby Shower! She didn't know I was coming and I think it was a big surprise. It was super awesome to see her and Allison again. We played silly games that included looking at pieces of chocolate melted into diapers to guess what kind of candy it was.
I'm the not Asian one.

Michael picked me up at the airport and when we were trying to figure out how to get out of the parking lot the little bar (you know the one i'm talking about??) came down on his car and it shouldn't have been funny but it was really funny. To me at least. It could have been a lack of sleep. Oh and just so you all know, I did actually make him cupcakes for his birthday and took him kayaking and took him to lunch, it wasn't just a trip to Sonic. I am a good girlfriend!

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