Friday, June 20, 2008

Product Plugs

Normally I wouldn't just plug random products here on this blog (I mean without some sort of financial compensation) but I have recently begun using the following two products and I'm in love. Sorry Boys, these two are really more for the ladies.

Venus Breeze by Gillette - Just awesome, no bumps, no weird redness, super smooth, plus the built-in things means no shaving cream/gel and it actually works!! Downsides: really only good for about three shaves which makes the other downside really suck... Expensive, but I have heard tale that you can get a 12 pack at costco for $20.

Nic's Sticks by OPI - It is almost like painting your nails with dry polish, I know, weird but it works. No drips, no worrying about knocking over the bottle (yes, I have done this), it goes right where you tell it to and it dries really fast. Took about 3 minutes to paint my nails.

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