Sunday, June 1, 2008

Strip Club

Did that get your attention? The other day my mom and dad told me that they thought they were getting an edited version of my blog well you aren't.

Ok ok, I did not go to the strip club but I do have to drive by one semi-regularly now since someone lives in north Austin, the land of strip clubs, pawn shops, and liquor stores. The Yellow Rose is apparently a famous strip club but what I like is the sign, the person in charge of it is quite creative. When I first started going up there it said "DANCES ARE CHEAPER THAN GAS" but now we have this...

gives whole new meaning to stimulus check ... ha ... ha ... ha. get it?

For the record (and don't tell Michael because I'll never live it down) I actually don't totally hate his neighborhood, it isn't quite as residential as mine but it isn't as bad as I make it seem above and it is near EVERYTHING as opposed to here where there isn't a whole lot to do within a 15 minute drive.


David said...

"gives whole new meaning to stimulus check ... ha ... ha ... ha. get it?"

lame. :-p

Victoria said...



Kristin said...

That is truly awesome. haha. I should have Mark keep an eye out for that sign out there if he's out and about.