Monday, June 30, 2008

Poo on You

So, I took a Chemistry test on Saturday morning and I got a 70% (technically a 69.5% but we’re rounding got it?) and I was in a pissy mood about it all weekend – I’d like to take this moment to apologize to Michael in case I didn’t hide that as well as I had hoped to :o). So anyway, today I found out that, along with another girl with the same grade, the 70% was actually the highest test score in the class. This should be good news right? No, I’m still annoyed and here is why:

1) No curve. Like not even a little one. So just because it is the highest grade doesn’t mean that my average isn’t still dropping like a rock.

2) This doesn’t give the teacher pause. He isn’t going to explain the concepts in these chapters any better to the next class. He isn’t going to adjust the test to better reflect what is covered in class and on the practice test and he isn’t going to adjust the practice test to reflect what is covered on the test.

3) I studied. Like a lot. Like hours and hours over the course of 4 days and after that I had the practice test DOWN, I could pass that no problem. I could answer the end of chapter questions no problem.

4) Today somebody complained about the test to the teacher before class and we all had to sit through a lecture about how if we studied the end of chapter questions and the practice test and put a “college-level” amount of effort into studying we would do fine on the test. B U L L S H I T.

In good news, the next test (which is next week) already seems like it is going to be easier. I mean, that is if the test actually covers the stuff we learned in class or read in the book, apparently that isn’t a given.

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