Thursday, September 4, 2008


Ok, it has been a little while. I have a couple blogs poking around in my head but I have to go to class in 15 minutes so what you are going to get is a glance at the randomness of my life.

This appeared in my house, you might think this odd but it isn't nearly as odd as when Cinderella showed up demanding money and complaining that she had been waiting in a hotel room for hours. And no, I am not making that up.

Also, when you have a community laundry sometimes you get extra stuff in your laundry. Sometimes it is a t-shirt that says "An akward morning beats a boring night anytime" (now Kailey's) and sometimes you get panties that say "Jason" on them. Why would girl's panties say Jason on them???

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Kristin said...

what, you mean you don't get panties with guys' names on them? i thought that's what everyone did...