Sunday, September 21, 2008

You Too & Saturday Night

Once again my life resembles a Brian Regan bit. The video isn't at all important, just the audio portion.

Last night Michael and I were at the store and the clerk says, "thank you" and I say, "have a good night" and Michael follows up with, "you too." I laughed at him. Then this afternoon I'm on the phone booking a flight and at the end the woman says, "Thank you, have a good flight." I immediately followed with, "Thanks, you too." dammit! I just hung up, she has all my personal information so if she chose to laugh at me she could find me and do so.

Also on saturday night we drove by some hookers. Michael wouldn't turn around so that I could get a picture of Texas hookers for you. Then I realized that I'm probably the only girlfriend who asks her boyfriend to drive slowly by the strip club and hookers so she can get a picture. such is my life.

AND, I saw a used car lot called Honest Engine Pre-Loved Cars. I don't know why I love that so much. Possibly because it sounds a lot like "honest injun" and I don't think he can in any way guarantee that all those cars were loved. If they loved them so much why did they get rid of them? huh? yeah, thats what I though.

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