Friday, September 5, 2008

Bear with Me

Mommy, do you remember that one time we ate at Red Robin and everything with our waiter was "not a problem"??

us: can I get some ketchup?
him: not a problem
us: thanks
him: not a problem
*brings ketchup
us: thank you
him: not a problem

Yeah I'm totally on the phone with another one of those right now. Trying to upgrade all the cell phones for work and any time she needs to type something in or bring something up, I have to "bear with [her]."

I give her our account number
Her: bear with me for one minute.

her: okay bear with me for one minute while i look that up.
her: bear with me it will just take a second
her: bear with me
*hold music
her: bear with me
*hold music
her: okay your order is processed, just bear with me while I get your confirmation number.
her: bear with me

I really wish I had kept a tally, If only I had known when we started talking.

Oh yeah, and the conversation ended like this:
Me: Since we can't upgrade that one line, what is the cheapest phone we can buy?
Her: Bear with me a moment. The i265.
Me: And that costs?
Her: Bear with me a moment. $149.99.
Me: Ok, I'll take one of those too.
Her: It has been discontinued, we can no longer order it. [notice there was no "bear with me a moment" that is because she said it matter-of-factly and instantly, no apology, no "my mistake," just they don't make it any more.]
Me: Helpful. What is the cheapest phone I can get that ISN'T discontinued.
Her: Bear with me a moment.
Me: Yeah

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