Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Guess what I did on Sunday!

I went to six flags and youou didn't. I mean, unless you are Michael, then you went to six flags Sunday too.

Before you start, no I didn't take any pictures, yes I had my camera with me but I didn't take it out once. In my defense I would like to say the following things: (1) Michael will do something funny right up until the moment I aim a camera at him, then I get nothing. (2) Mostly I forgot I had it.

We had a lot of fun. It is weird being at another six flags, they have a lot of the same rides as Magic Mountain in California but they have different names. Goliath here is Batman there - it is the same ride, I kid you not. Same manufacturer, height, length, and number of drops, twists, and loops. I looked it up. I think our communal favorite was Roadrunner Express (no Magic Mountain equivalent but reminded me of a more thrilling version of Thunder Mountain Railroad), especially when, after the first drop, the grown woman behind us starts squealing to her 8 year old son about how he told her this was a kiddie ride and he basically laughed at her. Classic. Later on in the day I saw them again and heard her tell him that he could go sit in the car for all she cares, maybe he tricked her again.

They also have the rapids ride where you and like 8 other people sit in a big tube and hope yours isn't the side the goes under the waterfall. Ours was the side. The white tank top I wore seemed like a good idea right up until that moment.

We went on all the biggies except Tony Hawk (which broke down as we were sitting in it waiting for our turn to go) and the Rattler which is tall. Like really really really tall and I was too scared. My least favorite part of roller coasters is the up part, I don't find the fun and anticipation builds during that time, mostly the dread and nausea builds during that time and the up part of the Rattler was really really long. This is also why I don't do Ferris Wheels. I don't care that the Ferris Wheel is rated "Mild" it is basically all "up" only half the time you are going down but not in any sort of fun or exciting way, more of a slow and excruciating way. Mostly I'd like to thank Michael for not giving me a hard time about not going on the Rattler even though I could tell he really wanted to. Maybe next time - I mean probably not and you really shouldn't get your hopes up because it really isn't going to happen, but maybe! I enjoyed Poltergeist which has no up part :o)

It is amazing how quickly you can ride all the rides when there is no line, like two hours in, we had done almost all of them, weird. Although it was nice to be able to ride some things again without worrying that you were losing your chance to go on something new. The longest lines we encountered were at the Tube/Waterfall ride and the Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion, which yes, is a kiddie ride.

We also got season passes, so sometime in the next 15 months we are definitely going again :o)

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