Thursday, August 28, 2008

I found a new thing to hate...

It is called circling for parking. Incessantly circling for parking. As if taking CALCULUS at NIGHT after working ALL DAY isn't bad enough, now I have to leave early to circle downtown waiting to pounce on a parking spot that I then have to parallel park into.

Ok so I grew up in a place where "circling for parking" means going up a level in the parking garage, I am not accustomed to this and those of you who know me know my hatred for driving so I think you can sense my displeasure. And I would be willing to take a bus but my class gets out at 9pm, sorry, I'm not getting on a bus for 30=40 minutes at 9pm when I could be home in 20 driving my car... that is if I can remember where I parked.

Texas has nothing but land. I don't care what Joni Mitchell says. Pave this "paradise" and put up a parking lot.

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