Thursday, August 7, 2008

USA vs. Australia

and by that I mean Project Runway. One of the upsides to watching all of your television on the Internet is that you then have access to other countries versions of shows you love and after watching the first three episodes of PR Australia and PR USA I have to say, Australia is kicking our ass.

The Designers:
To start things off I can tell the designers apart on the Australian version, there is the gay asian, the gay white boy, the gay asian/australian, the straight guy, the guy who does menswear, the amazing girl, the bitchy-but-thinks-she-is-awesome older lady, the vintage girl, you get my point. On the US version we have the Tannorexic, Daniel (right, there is a Daniel???) and 37 girls with mousy brown hair.

The Challenges:
Despite the US trying really hard by going back to the grocery store, 90% of the designers chose to use tablecloths on their first challenge and then we have make a cocktail dress inspired by NY night life, yawn. Hello PR Australia pulling it out with make a sporty, racy outfit out of nothing but car parts? That is why I watch Project Runway.

The Outfits: On the US version we have a whole lot of fug with one or two outfits that could be nice if you just changed 10 things about them. In Australia it is the exact opposite, quite frankly I don't even know how they are choosing who goes home.

The Guest Judges: On the US version we have had Austin Scarlett (ok I'll give you that one), Natalie Portman (who despite being awesome and starting a vegan shoe line knows crap about fashion), and Sandra Bernhard. Really? Sandra Bernhard? Is every single person in the fashion world busy so you had to get Sandra Bernhard? Oooohhhh, she has a one woman show to promote and also knows crap about fashion. Lets see, in Australia we have had two top Australian designers and the fashion director of Harper's Bazaar. I have nothing against celebrity guest judges, both Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham were capable of giving insightful feedback but Sandra Bernhard? I really can't forgive that.

The only thing that the US has that Australia doesn't have is Nina, Michael, & Tim and that makes me sad every time I watch it.

I understand that Bravo is pissed about the show moving to Lifetime (who isn't) but put just a teensy bit of effort into, this is the show that has consistently been your top rated program and basically put you on the map. Show some freaking class and get over the Lifetime thing, go out on a high note. Hell, just do it so that when the show tanks on Lifetime you can laugh in their faces and say, "I don't know what your problem is, the show was wonderful on our network." I don't care what your reason is just do better.

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