Monday, May 19, 2008

My Weekend

Some of the highlights from my weekend.

1. I went to Pflugerville to go to Deutschen Pfest (get it get it with the pf?) and while the only remotely deutschen thing at the pfest was the sign that said "Bier Garten" there was a sort of street carnival/fair and to me this means one thing and one thing only, cotton candy. yessssss! But is also means lots of different schools and scout troops with events to make money for some upcoming trip to camp and my personal favorite (and the one with the longest line, gotta love Texas) was an event where for $1, $3, or $5 you could take 3, 5, or 10 whacks at a rusted out car with a sledgehammer. Watching 80lb teenage boys try to prove their manliness by making no visible dents in a car with a sledgehammer is just good clean fun for the whole family.

2. I drank beer - sorry, bier - out of a can for the first time in my life. Weird right? I was carrying my bier in a can as we went to sit down so that I could drink my bier and eat my cotton candy at the same time (yes I am a grown up thank you very much) and I couldn't figure out why I felt kinda trashy. This is not the first time I've had bier, nor is it the first time I've had bier in public, why does it feel kinda white trashy this time? Oooooooo, it is in a can. I think I'll stick to bottles and glasses.

3. I went to Ikea with my (ahem) boyfriend and found a woman who doesn't really have a concept of sarcasm. Anyone who knows me semi-well knows that over the top sappy romantic gestures make me a little bit sick to my stomach, luckily my (ahem) boyfriend feels the same way - one reason why we get along so well - so when we had the following conversation we both knew the other was being sarcastic - another reason why we get along so well.

Him: Oh look, heart-shaped ice cube trays *insert puppy dog eyes in my direction*
Me: Awww, I should get those that way every time you come over I can put little hearts in your drinks and you'll know you're loved.
*both look "lovingly" at each other*
Lady: Oh my gosh that is just the sweetest thing ever! Sorry I didn't mean to overhear but heart shaped ice cubes, you two are just the cutest.

I'm fairly certain she had a tear in her eye.

4. Oh yeah, Michael and I had "the talk." You know the one. The one where we are both like, "I'm not dating anyone else and I don't want to and we spend every weekend together and usually at least one night during the week together so yeah we're boyfriend/girlfriend." That talk. What? You haven't heard anything about Michael? Yes you have. We went mini golfing and he told me I had great taste in tv, introduced me to new music, and brought me pretty flowers.


Kristin said...

aww, you've started calling him your boyfriend. hehe

oh, and thanks for making me want cotton candy now, you evil woman. ;)

KaTie said...

yea for the boyfriend! & i loved your post. you sound super happy. go vicki! i want to see a pic.

Alina said...

cans don't make you trashy. I can't believe you. who ARE you? apparently a girl who will only drink out of things you can break and stab people with. Cans are amazing and not as heavy to carry to the recycler.

Victoria said...

Okay, I felt trashy, but I'm not saying that it makes a person trashy.

And yes, I always prefer to be able to weaponize my drinkware just in case.