Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Great. Thanks.

So, among other things, I took my car to the dealership yesterday to be fixed. I was told on the phone that it was going to take about 1.5 hours and (if that check engine light code is correct) cost about $300.

I spent the night at my (ahem) boyfriend's house because the dealership is about 2 minutes from his house and about 30 minutes from my house and this way I wouldn't have to get up as early, plus it was a good sleepover excuse. I drop off my car at 10:30am and think that I should be getting a call around 1pm to pick it up. They call at 11:30ish to tell me what we thought was wrong wasn't actually and really it is these other 2 things and oh yeah we should probably fix this thing while we're at it or you're just going to have to come back and it should be done by 4pm and your total is going to be $426.83. Great. Thanks. (those of your who don't know me as well, those last two words should be read with the utmost of sarcasm).

Later that afternoon I pick up my car at like 3:30 (yay for being done early) and my wonderful (ahem) boyfriend waits with me while it takes them like an hour to bring it around. Finally I'm on my way home. About 25 minutes into my 30 minute drive home my temperature light starts beeping and flashing at me. I call them, they say bring it back, probably just a bubble in the coolant line, we'll fill it up and you'll be on your way. Great. Thanks. (see above regarding these two words).

The following ensues when I arrive.

My Personal Service Advisor, Brant, pops the hood. "Yeah, you're almost out of coolant, let me grab some."
Pours in coolant, we watch the level drop back to nothing.
Brant: "hm, looks like you've got a leak in your coolant system."
Me: "there wasn't one there this morning." (as kindly as possible I swear)
Brant with flashlight: "yeah see it there pooling on your transmission"
Me: "mmhmm" but thinking - so that's where my transmission is, interesting.
Brant looks at me like he expects me to do something about it.
I look at Brant like what do you expect me to do about that?
Brant: "Ok, let me take it in the back and we'll see if it is something we can fix right up. Not sure though since we didn't touch your transmission or coolant system today. Have a seat in the lounge."

an hour later

Brant: "So your temperature sensor just popped off, we went ahead and fixed that right up for you and drove it around you are good to go." in a tone that implies they have done me a favor.
Me: "My temperature sensor popped off?"
Brant: "Yep" smiles.
Seems odd that this would randomly happen on the exact same day that I had my car worked on, wait a minute, where have I heard the words temperature sensor recently...
Me: "hang on."
I dig out my receipt from earlier
QTY: 1
DESC: tempsensor
PRICE: $25.87
Me: "do you mean that the temperature sensor that you installed earlier today 'popped off'?"
Brant (no longer smiling): "Ummmmm. yes."
Me: "ah. and now it isn't going to do that?"
Brant: "No. our shop foreman checked it all out."
Me: "Great. Thanks."


KaTie said...

dude, my "great. thanks." would've sounded more like this: "I want to see your manager immediately." Then I would've made them refund @1/2 of what I paid. & if my husband would have been there, he would have had them giving you $! :) Vicki, where am I when you need me?! Repeat after me, "I want to see your manager..."

Victoria said...

Based on my previous experience with the manager, this would have done no good.