Thursday, November 15, 2007

Part 2: The Destination

After an event filled trip to San Antonio it kind of felt like we had already had a full evening but we were still really excited about the show. It was kind of like going to a rock concert, I’m a little hoarse from yelling. We had great seats about 50 feet from the stage with no one sitting in from of us and an aisle straight ahead so a perfect view.

They opened with the only Disco Routine I have ever enjoyed on the show starring Neil & Sara…

And continued through many of our favorites…

Sabra & Dominic Hip Hop

Lacey & Danny Samba

Neil & Lauren Jazz

Pasha's Solo

The crowd was an awesome mixture of couples in their 40’s who were all dressed up for a night out and screaming/giggling 10 year old girls. Normally that would have been annoying but since Kailey and I were screaming/giggling 25 year old girls it didn’t really bother us. Kailey is in love with Neil, I’m in love with Danny and we’re both in love with Pasha.

There was no host, although there were some video clips of show host Cat Deely and exec. producer Nigel Lithgow, mostly other members of the cast introduced the different dances and had “witty” overly-scripted banter that was still awesome because it was them and they are all adorable.

Kailey and I realized we were huge dorks when (no, not when we bought tickets to the So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour) watching we could say, "oh Lauren is dancing Lacey's part in this one, interesting." or "Hey, they took out that one move."

They ended with what Kailey and I have decided is our favorite dance from the season.

Neil & Sabra Jazz (the plange was awesome :) )

I didn’t bring my camera because I was stupid, definitely next year though.

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