Thursday, November 15, 2007

"The Journey is Half the Destination" - Kailey

(Kailey’s Note: Whatever, you know what I meant)

Yesterday, Kailey and I drove to the AT&T Center in San Antonio to see the live tour of So You Think You Can Dance. And you should TOTALLY be jealous!

Part 1: The Journey

We decided to leave mid-afternoon to avoid the insane rush hour traffic around here. We made plans to stop in this little town called New Braunfels and grab a bite to eat and kill some time, the show didn’t start until 8pm and San Antonio is about an hour from Austin (without traffic). Those of you in the Santa Barbara area are familiar with Solvang and that was kind of what I was expecting – though maybe not to that extreme. In my mind New Braunfels was this adorable little German town, I mean they just finished up the 2 week long WurstFest for an example. In actuality New Braunfels is trying really REALLY hard to be quaint but it isn’t really succeeding, the town center could have been charming but was, instead, old and covered in realty offices. We did end up with some yummy fudge and then decided to try and find Schlitterbahn which is consistently voted the #1 water park in America. We found was a water park which looked cool but not like the #1 water park in America, turns out it was just mini-Schlitt (our name not theirs) and then got the hell out of town.

We got to San Antonio at about 5:30 and drove by the AT&T Center, we were really early so wanted to find something to do for a couple hours and proceeded to drive around the neighborhood, which turned out to be the ghetto. We saw no less than: 3 houses with couches on the porch, 12 cars parked on lawns, and 2 crack ho’s. So we called a friend Kailey went to college with, Jonathan, and invited ourselves to hang out with him for a while. Thanks to Jonathan’s directions it took us about 1.5 hours to get to their house, but thanks to Jonathan’s wife, Mandy, we finally made it. We hung out for 20 minutes and jumped back in the car for the 20 minute ride back to the AT&T Center.

to be continued.....


janelle said...

haha. i love kailey! tell her i miss her!

Renee said...

ehem, jonathan's married? i mean i know i knew that it just still shocks me.

Kristin said...

"mini-Schlitt"...i love it! haha