Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nickel Creek Concert

So it has been a really fun week with both So You Think You Can Dance and Nickel Creek happening. The concert was tons of fun, we were way up in the back of a standing only outdoor venue but since it was on a hill we could still see pretty well. The one major problem, Sean Watkins is so short that we thought he was sitting down through most of it...he wasn't. And he is my favorite so I'm a little bummed about that.

It was Kailey, Scott, Larry (my boss), Kelly (Kailey's boss), and me! First things first, we all looked so totally cute, if one of us had been having an off night (none of us were) the others would have completely made up for it on the cute scale so we were all set. Especially after a pre-concert trip to Shoe Pavilion so that Kailey and I could buy new boots.

Both the music and the company were awesome. They even played my personal favorite.....the cover of Toxic and closed with a really beautiful version of Lighthouse. In the middle there was the trio of "break-up songs" one from the each of them. The chorus to Chris's went "If you're gonna leave me, set me up with one of your friends" and was hilarious!

After the concert it was a midnight dinner at Magnolia Cafe. Sometimes a night just goes really really well.

PS: Sean Watkins, you still owe me for not calling and singing happy birthday to me when I turned 20. Call me and we can work out some sort of way for you to make that up to me.

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Gladys said...

Awesome night! One of the best of my life. Will never forget it!