Monday, November 5, 2007

Actually, it is Victoria

Lady: Okay great, now how do you spell Vanessa?
Me: huh?
Lady: How do you spell your name?
Me: v-i-c-t-o-r-i-a
Lady: Wow, I've never seen Vanessa spelled that way before.
Me: That is probably because it is Victoria.
Lady: Oh, right. (Laughter)

WTF people??? WTF???

I actually get Veronica a lot, this was my first Vanessa and to have it go that terribly wrong is pretty amazing. I get that we all make mistakes from time to time but pull it together people I have a REALLY easy name. Top to bottom my first, middle and last names are all very normal names with very normal spellings. It isn't Victorya or Viktoria, it is just normal Victoria, like Victoria's Secret or Queen Victoria or any other famous Victoria you can think of (don't get smart and start googling all the other spellings to find a "famous" Viktoria that isn't the same as thinking of them). On the upside it allows me to be passive aggressive about it. If your name is Michelle but I keep calling you Melissa, now you know why.

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Genevieve said...

Try having 'Genevieve' as a name....I get 'Guinevere', 'Jennifer', 'Geneva', and so many many other variations...or there's always Chuck's offerings....'Generalissimo Fransisco Franco', 'Gentle Ben', and other creative versions. Really, I have basically gotten into the habit of saying my name, and then immediately starting to spell it. Which makes for some awkward introductions...'hi i'm Genevieve. g-e-n-e-v-i-e-v-e...oh what, we're just shaking hands, you don't need to know how to spell my name? Huh...awkward!"..