Sunday, October 28, 2007

What's On Now?

BurnI watch a lot of TV, I'll freely admit that. I enjoy television and movies (and books too!) mostly I think I like stories and that explains a lot. There are a lot of new shows this season and it is hard to add new things to my already packed schedule but sometimes you just have to make sacrifices for the truly awesome.

What I'm loving:
Pushing Daisies - Narrated by Jim Dale, takes place in a pie shop, and has Kristin Chenoweth so that is three major points right there. It is somehow both darkly comic and incredibly cheerful at the same time. I heard a lot of really great things about this show before watching it but I was still wary, it isn't really at all what I expected but that is a good thing.

Chuck - The premise is dumb. When I say dumb I mean in a bad way. Regular, dorky guy learns state secrets and now people are trying to kill him. Pretty sure I've seen that before. But here it is the execution that really nails it. Plus it stars Jayne, a female spy that kicks major ass, and one of the secrets is who shot down Oceanic Flight 815 so I'm loving it. Thank you Renee, without you saying you liked it I never would have started watching it.

What I'm hoping will get better:
Big Shots - Yeah, it ain't good people. BUT it has Michael Vartan, Christopher Titus, Dylan McDermott, & Joshua Molina. All actors I really enjoy so I beg you, please please please get better.

What I can't wait to return:
Burn Notice - I need my Michael Weston.


Renee said...

OMIGOSH VICKI!!!! I'm waiting for Big Shots to get better too! as of right now it's a HORRIBLE show but all the amazing actors you mentioned plus the amazingly beautiful and talented nia long! I can't look away it all so pretty but i can't stand to listen or watch because it's soooo poorly written. i've decided the acting is stellar only because, stellar acting has to be what makes that unbearable writing tolerable for 60 minutes, or maybe it really is just the pretty faces . . . what do you think of dirty sexy money? because i'm positive you love it!

Victoria said...

I haven't watched dirtysexymoney! Okay i'll start from the beginning and let you know what I think.