Friday, October 19, 2007

Sneaky Roommates

So this morning I am sitting at the computer and I see a little spider hanging between the monitor and the speaker. It was tiny so normally I would just smash it but Kailey actually likes saving these things so I call her over to put it outside. She picks up the web, opens the door, stops, looks down, kinda looks back at me then jauntily tosses the "web" outside saying, "there you go spider!" Then looks back at me and walks away.

Now, I SAW the spider jump back from her hand to the monitor and I could currently see it crawling along the side of the monitor yet Kailey walks away as if she had just thrown it outside. I did make her come back and actually put the spider outside but it makes me wonder what else she is hiding from me .......

1 comment:

Renee said...

omigosh, that is so incredibly funny and typical of kailey! that is seriously hilarious. "there you go mr. spider", what a crazy kmonsterk. AHAHAHAHA!