Thursday, March 12, 2009

Seriously? You Think THAT would be a Good Middle Name??

So I was looking at my blog reader statistics (yes I can see how many times you read my blog muahahaha) and one of the cool features is that I can see what people are typing into google that leads them to my blog. There is a lot of variations on "Middle Names for Victoria," "Victoria Middle Name" and for a while there last year the popular search was "Middle Name for Logan." Yeah I had a problem there for a time.

Mostly what comes up if you do google that is Yahoo! Answers questions where people are looking for god middle names. Here are some of my favorites from people who I'm pretty sure weren't joking:

First, my favorite question: What are some good middle names for Victoria ?
I just need ideas, whatever goes best with our last name will probably be the chosen name.
Additional Details
By "our" I mean who ever the fathers last name is, I am eleven, I just love the name Victoria.

Seriously? And on to some of the answers given...
Victoria Lashaye
Victoria LaShawn
Victoria Krystyle (I'm assuming you mean that to be pronounced like Crystal?)
Victoria Destiny
Victoria D'jonet (de jon ay)
Victoria Nevaeh (pronounced: Nah-vay-ah) heaven spelled bkwds
Victoria Samiah
Victoria Shaylin
Victoria Devyn

And the one person in the world who is actually thinking straight:
Victoria Claire (my favourite)

I also had someone recently type in "Middle Name for Kailey" and my personal favorite from the Yahoo! Answers questions was the person who suggested this:
Kailey Leigh
(you do realize that those are pronounced the same right? Even though they are spelled differently?)

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Kristin said...

I had no idea what the name Nevaeah was until reading that part of your post. That's Paul Sicat's baby's name and I had no clue what kind of name it was. Guess I learned something new. haha.