Friday, March 6, 2009

Can We Talk About Dollhouse for a Second?

It has been getting a bad rap because everyone expects it to be as good as everything else that Joss has done and it isn't (like when Pixar released Cars). I like it, that is to say, I enjoy it. It isn't anywhere near the levels of Buffy or Firefly or Dr. Horrible but it is entertaining and interesting, if not innovative or awesome. I'm still watching and probably will continue unless it goes totally downhill which I trust Joss enough not to let happen.

It doesn't help that it stars Eliza Dushku, who I'm not a huge fan of. Luckily for her all the "people" she plays in the show have an element of hardass to them which she is incapable of acting without. When she is Echo (the blank) she doesn't look "blank" she looks like she is trying to look blank so I'm drawn out of the story for those few scenes at the beginning and very end.

My real problem is that the show takes place in this reality and is believable as this reality. There isn't an element of absurdity or whimsy that is usually present in Joss's realities (space western? musical super villians? teenage cheerleader fighting vampires?). Lets just say I wouldn't be 100% surprised if someplace like the Dollhouse actually existed, I see it and I understand it and it doesn't feel new and exciting. It doesn't feel Whedonesque. In fact it felt Cameronesque to me at first. I mean a programmable, petite, brunette recklessly riding her motorcycle through the darkened city streets? My first though was, "Wow, Dark Angel much?" Then I get hit in the face with the nerd stick when Michael responded with, "What is Dark Angel?" Sigh.

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