Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh, I Guess I Do Feel Better

It turns out I was a much better blogger in 2008 than I was in 2009 (111 posts vs. 76). I think this is because of a variety of things. I seemed to be doing well until the most recent semester which makes sense, I had a lot more school work to do so I was having less fun and therefore had less to blog about. Then there was that unfortunate incident at the end of October, that kinda put a damper on things but I will tell you that I was actually blogging then I just never pushed publish and I think you should probably be happy about that. Trust me, I just read them all again and despite (what I like to think of as) some, actually, pretty excellent writing* the content is depressing. At the time it didn't feel all that cathartic to write it down but it probably helped. In fact it may not have helped then but it helps now, it is nice to see the difference between then and now. I don't feel better today than I did yesterday but I feel a lot better than the person that wrote those entries in November and that is really really good to see. You'll just have to take my word on it since you aren't going to see the old posts but maybe keeping a journal isn't such a stupid idea.

*One was damn near poetry and I don't do poetry. I tell ya it was a thing of beauty with its meter and alliteration.

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