Monday, September 28, 2009

Colors are Hard

Do you ever say a word a bunch of times until it looses all meaning? This happened to me this weekend. I believe it was driving home from my genetics test on Friday night, I don't remember what the word was (I think it started with a P and had a K - or a hard C - somewhere in the middle) but it was something Michael and I were saying back and forth until I decided to just repeat it a bunch of times and it lost all meaning. It was like super funny to me but I'm pretty sure Michael was laughing AT me and not WITH me.

There is a point to that rambling paragraph. Sort of.

Today in my discussion section for Genetics (sensing a pattern???) we were doing this worksheet and it had a lot of color phenotypes on it so I'm staring at this thing that says
P - Yellow x Yellow
F1 - All Green
F2 - 9:3 Green:Yellow

After staring at the problem for a few minutes and discussing with the group all I can think is "that can't possibly be how you spell green. how do you spell it then? grene? no that is way more wrong, I guess it has to be green. weird." And just as I've hit the point where I'm pretty sure I'm crazy the guy behind me asks his group, "Is that really how you spell yellow??? It just looks wrong."

Thank God for people willing to say things out loud. I would not have been able to concentrate with this issue had he not spoken up, I mean seriously??? Of COURSE that is how you spell yellow! Wow, people these days.

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