Thursday, July 9, 2009

What have YOU been doing?

I've been busy, maybe, I can't remember. Lets see what has happened recently that you should be updated on.

Michael and I went to Mamma Mia! two weekends ago and it was tons of fun. We were smack dab in the front row center so I could definitely see (even with my 3 year out of date prescription glasses). It was also cool because we could see into the pit and watch the band. They like to make fun of the play while it is going on.

Last week I ordered new glasses - as Brian Regan would say, "how could instantly improved vision not be at the top of your to do list?" Now this would be super exciting for me except that this week I ordered a new computer so that has WAY superceeded my excitement about new glasses. Of course the computer I want is on backorder so I don't know when it will get here *sad face*

Just for fun:

Why is my life so often comparable to a Brian Regan sketch?

For the 4th of July I wanted to make it fun so we decided to have a mini BBQ. I made creamed corn and ate all of it myself because apparently corn based dishes are my favorite thing in the world (or possibly potato - would you believe that I did NOT grow up in the midwest?). I also made Michael another awesome cheeseburger which has now been dubbed the Ultimate Cheeseburger which immediately caused me to begin singing the Meaty Cheesy Boys song which garnered my a weird look. Apparently knowing the songs from mid 90's commercials isn't that awesome.

Yes, I can still sing the whole version from the commercial (there is apparently an extended version that I had never heard). I can also do the California's Truck Stop Dodge commercial song. Yes, sometimes I am proud of those facts.

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Kristin said...

OMG, I totally forgot about that commercial...but I love it!