Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Do Not Have OCD

So I almost bought Twilight the other day but then I thought it might be fun to end the pay period with a positive amount of money so I held off. As I'm telling this to Michael I realize something; if the movies are named like the books and I buy the movies, how amd I going to organize them into me collection????

The books all have completely differnt titles: Twilight, New Moon, ummm Eclipse maybe? and the last one umm Dawn something. I organize my DVD's alphabetically, those will be all over the place. What am I to do? See with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter all the titles begin the same so I don't feel bad if they are slightly out of alpha order in order to be in chronological order but these don't all start the same! I paused here at which point Michael asked if there was some sort of pill I could take.

I miss Kailey, she understood. We could discuss things like where to put the box set of Toy Story, Toy Story II, and A Bug's Life* and when we separated out box sets into a separate shelf, wait are we moving box sets or TV Shows? What constitutes a box set? Just larger boxes, what about a TV show that is in a normal DVD case?** Shouldn't Les Miserables go under 'M' since "les" means "the" in French?***

This wasn't an issue with the books because the books weren't around long enough for this to come up.

I do not have OCD. These things are important.

*It eventually went under 'D' because technically it was called the Disney DVD Box Set.
**We decided that TV and Movies would be separated (there wasn't enough space on one bookshelf)
***Yes, it was moved to the M's

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Kailey said...

i don't understand people who don't alphabetize! but i do have a solution - don't buy twilight!

if the second one is any good (i.e. has lots of scenes with jasper) then maybe get that one.

or, of course, you can hold out til the very end when they finally come out with the boxed set, and then it can go on the boxed set shelf :)