Friday, November 21, 2008

Sorry Simon

Yesterday Simon had to go to the vet for his annual check-up and shots. Mommy forgot to bring a stool sample so they had to go in and get one. Judging by the noise he made that is less pleasant than you think it is.

We went to the pet store for a post-vet treat. Here he is with his "sorry you got poked in the butt" toy.

Also, in other news, I'm a bad puppy mom. Before the vet I mentioned going there for a post-vet treat and Kailey asked if I would get some dog food since we were almost out. I immediately agreed and then after a pause realized that we had switched their food to something new and I had no idea what they ate now. Yeah, I had to ask my roommate what kind of food my dog eats. niiiiice.

I realize that the smartest people don't work in pet stores for a living because they can do other things (I worked in a pet store but I was 16. And smart.) but come on...really?

Cashier: Do you have a petco pals card?
Me: No. Can I have one?
Cashier: What? oh yeah, here. *hands me one of the free treats on the counter*
Me: No, one of the petco cards, can I get one of those?
Cashier: Huh? Sure, they are all right over there. *points to gift card display*
Me: Umm. No, one of the pals cards, the discount cards?
Cashier: OOOhh. Sorry. *hands me the form to fill out*

In my defense I had to go to petco because petsmart doesn't have Natural Balance (the food my dog eats apparently) and there really aren't any locally owned stores to go to.

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